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Alumini Engineering is an infrastructure company that has been present in the market for 50 years, performing as integrator of projects, works and services related to the electric, telecommunications, oil and gas industries, gradually extending its participation in other segments of the engineering and civil construction industry, with works developed in Brazil and abroad, and over 10,000 kilometers of extra-high-voltage transmission lines built.

The company is also present in projects developed in other countries. In 2005, it started its expansion with the construction of a transmission line of 200 km in Chile. In the same year, Alumini entered Argentina with Siemens, deploying more than 140 km of power lines. The latest project was in Costa Rica, where Alumini took on the sole mission of a 50 km power line, energized in 2009 along with 3 substations

Alumini today has over 6,000 employees, 100 substations built (10,000 MVA), 10 million man-hours applied in the maintenance and construction of distribution systems, 4 power generators in construction (179 MW installed capacity); it has the largest private Training Center in Brazil with 8,000 m2 and 128,000 h/h trained, in addition to over 60,000 km of distribution lines deployed, making Alumini one of the largest companies of such projects in this industry.