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Management, technical maintenance, refurbishment and extension of major public lighting systems:

Main contracts:

● Management of public lighting in Fortaleza, with more than 180,000 points of lighting. Service support to cities through 156 number.

● Contracted with CELESC - Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina 167,000 lighting points distributed throughout the state border. Municipalities

● Contract with AES Eletropaulo - 56,200 lighting points in the municipalities of Cajamar, Carapicuíba, Jandira, Osasco, Pirapora do bom Jesus, Santana Parnaíba, Taboão da Serra, Juquitiba, São Lourenço and the region 450,000 lighting points in the City of São Paulo.

● Work of expansion of the lighting infrastructure of the Municipality of São Paulo, with total supply of materials and equipment in a total of 40,000 new points of lighting contracted with PMSP - City Hall of São Paulo.

● Work of construction and installation of special lighting system at the seafront of Maceió, including the Avenue and lighting of the beach through underground power, hired by the CEAL - Companhia Energética de Alagoas.

● Maintenance services, remodeling, expansion of public lighting system of the municipality of São Paulo, with supply of materials, including electric projects, overhead and ground command circuits - individual and group, energized system, operation of station transformers, administration of materials warehouse in infrastructure with 550,000 bulbs, contracted by the City Hall of São Paulo City.

● Preventive and corrective maintenance and emergency for units of public lighting, in the municipalities of São José dos Campos, Jacareí, Santa Branca and Guararema, totaling a park of 70,000 points per month, performed for Eletropaulo - Eletricidade de São Paulo S/A.

● Management, preventive and corrective maintenance and emergency, expansion of public lighting system in the city of Maceió in a park of 42,000 points, with supply of materials for the city of Maceió.