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Refinaria[Refinery] Abreu Lima - RNEST CAFOR (Pernambuco) - See photos of the works            aaa
Executive design, construction and erection, testing, pre-operation and support to operation for implementation of power house, compressed air unit, entry substation, three substations and interconnecting of one to the power house.

Deployment of Storage tanks; intermediaries; of derivatives; residue; chemical products, drainage of filtered water, industrial water, of demineralized water, polished water, treated effluents, from effluents loading, condensate drain and purging of towers. Including the services of consistency analysis of the basic design, detailing design, supply of materials and pre-operation, comprising:

  • Power house - CAFOR (U-50); Compressed Air Unit - U-57;
  • Input substation - SE-5500;
  • “Island “Substations - SE-5020, SE-5030, SE-5040 and SE-5050;
  • Electrical Interconnection of SE-5500 with the CAFOR
  • Contractual Period: 3.1 years

Paulínia Refinery - Replan (São Paulo)
Construction of new co-generation system, extension of Substations SE-630 and SE-631, construction of new SE for Sulfur recovery units (SRU), and the construction of electrical links between CAFOR and the new units at 13.8 kV, enveloped.

Implementation period: 1,033 days.
Consortium: ALUMINI / MPE.

Gas Treatment Unit - UTG Sul Capixaba (Espírito Santo) - see pictures of the works            aaaa
construction of the gas treatment unit with processing capacity rating of 2.5 million cubic meters of gas and 100 m³/day of condensate to meet the main fields of offshore production in the State, such as Parque das Baleias and Parque da Conchas.

Implementation period: 800 days

Refinaria[Refinery] Landulpho Alves de Mataripe - RLAM (Bahia) - See photos of the works            aaaa
Construction of two Hydrosulfurization Units of Cracked Naphtha in the Landulfo Alves Refinery of Mataripe, with the purpose of removing sulfur from Gasoline, suiting the fuel to international environmental requirements.

  • Processing capacity of 8,000 barrels/day.
  • Implementation period: 933 days.
  • Consortium: ALUMINI / GALVÃO / TOMÉ.

Waterway Terminal Ilha Comprida (São Paulo)
Supply of materials, equipment and preparation of detailing project, construction and erection, testing pre-operation and assisted operation.

Catalytic Hydrocraking - Comperj (Rio de Janeiro) - See pictures of the works            a
Preparation of the executive design, civil construction and electromechanical erection, interconnections and commissioning (preservation, conditioning, tests, pre-operation, starting and assisted operation) Catalytic Hydrocracking Unit (U-2400) including the Unitary Electrical Substation (SE-2400).

Implementation period: 1126 days

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